About Us

We are Marbella Family, the agency for families in Costa del Sol

I am Helena Olcina, and I decided to create this agency when I saw how my life improved by incorporating an au pair, Olivia, whom I love as one of the family. 

I have had my own marketing agency for several years, which bears my name, and which I had to put aside to fulfill my dream of being a mother, the most wonderful experience I have ever had as well as exhausting.
As a single mother, with my whole family in Madrid, the adventure of being a mother at the age of 40 did not turn out as I expected, and I don’t remember very well how I managed to work, take care of my son during the first year and a half of my son’s life ( who accompanied me many times to see clients with just a few months to live), keep the house tidy and… and nothing else, because I didn’t have time to see my friends, play sports or have a coffee alone, without my son in arms. The feeling I had was that I didn’t get to everything and I was really tired all the time, so I couldn’t enjoy that gift called motherhood.

By chance of life, I received information about an Au Pair program, and although the idea of ​​having someone unknown living with us worried me, the thought that my son was going to learn English naturally convinced me, and today I can guarantee you that it has been a wonderful experience and that the fact that my son speaks English as well as Spanish has not been the best of all, but the opportunity to enjoy him as I have always wanted, because now I have time to throw myself on the floor to play with him, from the calm that gives me to be able to have a coffee alone, because I finally have time to breathe, feel and see the quality of life that I now have.

Marbella Family

And that is what we offer you from my agency, quality time for you and therefore for your family, because if you are not well your family will not be either.

Our differentiation
We live what we work and work what we live.

We are what we believe in, we do not provide a service without more, but we guide, accompany and offer only what we know will work; We have already lived the experience of having the services we offer, all of them, that is why we know what will be the most appropriate for your home and for you.

All our details make up our differentiation, and as you will see, they are many and very good.
Our advisory takes care of you
We do not want you to worry about anything and for this, we put at your disposal a group of Experts in labor, legal and immigration consulting services, so that both hiring (registration and cancellation), visa applications, or before any doubt and unforeseen that arises, you are backed and advised by the best.

We also have the most complete technological platform on the market, so that you can access your documentation in real time whenever you need it, directly from your computer.

Visit us at our offices, or tell us how we can help you in an online meeting or if you prefer, call us, we are happy to assist you.