Domestic Service

Interns, Home Helpers, Cleaners, Caregivers (for children and the elderly), Bilingual Babysitters, Private Teachers, Driver... We have a wide range of professionals with references, experience, training and values.

Marbella Au Pair Programs

A wonderful educational and cultural experience in which both parties win, the family for the support they receive and the Au Pair for the adventure they enjoy in complete safety and tailored to their needs. Better impossible!

Personal Family Supporter

Are you thinking of moving to the Costa del Sol? Enjoying your holidays in Marbella? Count on us to make your experience a success! We will help you find the desired house, we will select the best home staff and we will advise you on all the services you may need (schools, car rental, currency exchange, restaurants...).


There is nothing better to learn Spanish than living with a Spanish family, where the typical cuisine of the place is cooked, the traditions of their culture and country are enjoyed, and they are lived with the warmth and tranquility that is found in their home. own family, better impossible!

We differentiate ourselves in the detail, that is why we take care in the selection of personnel that we make for each family, always choosing the right professional, and we refer to ourselves as the best support in families, since we cover substitutions for vacations or sick leave of the staff. , we extend support on trips or vacations and we accompany you on special dates with the best professionals (for children’s parties, family events…).

Professionalism, work and feeling, is what today, makes our clients always continue to count on us.

1. Marbella Family - Au pair - Nanny - Babysitter Marbella

There are families who want an Au Pair as support in the care of their children and training for them in a 2nd language for only €60 a week, in the same way that there are families who prefer to host students from other countries as one more child. at home and earn €60 a week for it.

ayuda en la casa

There are families who are looking for an inside person in the family, and others who prefer them to be part-time and maintain their privacy.

cocinero privado

There are families that need punctual support and always from people they trust, and there are families that need it during the holiday season, or during the school season.

There are as many variants as there are families or stars in the sky… and for all of them we have a solution to suit you.

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