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Improve your life and that of your family with our Au Pair programs.

How many parents want their children to learn a second language in a natural way? And to have a trustworthy person who will look after their children? How many of us would like some help in household chores so we could have more time for ourselves? But who can afford all of this? … you and your family.

Welcome to our program ” Au Pair for your family”, in which you will experience a wonderful ,educational and cultural experience, and expand your family with a trusted person, who will take care of your children as they grow, enjoy and learn a new language, in addition to helping with household chores, an au pair will allow you to take time for yourself and those you love the most.

An au pair has the qualities of a tutor, a caregiver, an assistant… with the utmost confidence, quality and care in exchange for accommodation and weekly pay.

Congratulations on the step you are going to take, from now on, your life will improve drastically!

Examples of how an Au Pair improves your life


  • Once we have received all the documentation to be part of our agency as a “Host Family” (link to section), we will contact you.
  • First, we will set up a meeting by video call to get to know you better and make sure that we have compiled all the information needed to find the perfect candidate for you, in addition to explaining both the program and the process.
  • As of the 1st meeting, we will begin to send you the profiles of candidates that suit your needs and we will arrange the date of the meetings with possible candidates.
  • Once the meetings are confirmed. They will take place by video call,and we will participate in them, for support and asking questions.
  • Once you have chosen your Au Pair, we will prepare both the contract to be signed by both parties (family and au pair), we will send you all the necessary documentation, as well as the invoice for our fees.
    On the other hand, we will make sure that the Au Pair has all the support and documentation necessary to arrive in Spain (in case a visa or special documentation is needed).
  • Once the Au Pair arrives in Marbella and has spent at least one day with you, we will contact her , ask her how she is, her 1st impressions and help her with anything she may need. We will invite her to the 1st Au Pair Coffee, which we celebrate every Friday in order to unite all the Au Pairs in the same space where they can chat, talk about their experiences and introduce themselves, and enjoy moments together. The happier they feel here, t.
  • In case there is a problem during the 1st month, and one of the two parties wants to terminate the agreement, we will find you a new Au Pair at no additional cost.
  • We will keep in touch throughout the program, (in addition to our phone number, we have an emergency phone number), since our main objective is that both the family and au pair enjoy the experience, so you will have our support the entire time.

    With the family card you have various discounts on the rest of the services we offer for balance and comfort in your home. We are not a virtual agency, and our service does not end upon the arrival of the Au Pair, we will continue to be by your side.

1.- Your children will always be in good hands

Instead of having to resort to the help of family, friends or professionals, you will have a trustworthy person, who lives with you, who is aware of your children’s needs, and adapts to your schedules. As a parent, there are many times you experience moments of stress , in which you have to take care of your children unexpectedly (sickness, school holidays, an unexpected event or maybe you just want a day off ). For every unforeseen event, your au pair will be by your side.

For every unforeseen event, your au pair will be by your side.
Your children will quickly gain confidence with the Au Pair since they will see her become part of the family, the relationship between them will become strong and healthy, which will make each moment enjoyable as they learn or perfect a second language from the comfort of your own home, within a schedule created for your needs and comfort. Without a doubt, it will be a cultural experience that will accompany you throughout your life.


2.- The whole family will learn or perfect a language in a natural and simple way.

What is the most natural way to learn a language? Learning at home, through immersion with native speakers.

It is a natural and simple process for anyone, even a child who is spoken to in several languages, will become bilingual or multilingual with total ease and naturalness.

For this reason, living with an Au Pair is the most natural, simple and practical way to learn or perfect a second language, because it will be done within the family routine, through daily activities and with the tranquility of doing it at home.


3.- Save time and money.

How much would it cost to take your children to a language school? Or have a private teacher at home? How much does a trusted babysitter cost for most of the day or per hour? and a maid to help you with household work? And the total cost of all of this?

Accommodation in a separate room, meals and weekly pay. From the comfort of your own home with a trusted person who will adapt to the family.

Now you can balance family,work, take time for yourself, all whilst knowing that your family is in good hands.

Au Pair work is not a stipulated job and therefore it is not a paid and legally regulated activity in Spain, it is a cultural exchange and live in program regulated by an international agreement, in which both parties must agree with the established conditions and ensure that the experience is enriching for everyone.

The daily tasks of an Au Pair will depend on the needs of each family as well as their weekly organization, but as an example, here is a list of their usual responsibilities. Download it, es para ti!

Offer your hospitality, respect, and affection in the following ways:


… A single roomfor private use, full board and a weekly pay (which usually ranges from € 70 for 30 hours per week).

… a day and a half or two days off per week, (which are usually on weekends, as it is when parents tend to take care of their children), and one week of paid vacation every six months worked (or the equivalent according to pro rata).

… A well-organized schedule, so that the Au Pair can perform all her duties well, having free time to go to language school or wherever she needs to progress in her cultural and linguistic immersion.
… A day or two a week to speak in Spanish so that the Au Pair can improve it.
… care in case she became ill, as if she were another member of the family.
And by picking it up and taking it to the airport or train / bus station upon arrival and departure.

Nothing out of the ordinary but everything, as necessary as it is appropriate.

Download the responsibilities of the host family

How long does it take to find an au pair?

It depends on the time of year you contact us, but usually around 0 to 6 months, during this period it can sometimes be difficult due to COVID.
We will present you with the best matches we can find, and from then on you can interview them and make a decision.


Is it necessary to have so many documents to request an au pair?

These documents are required for the European Au Pair placement agreement.

Trust is fundamental in these cases, so having the right documentation from the start, will allow both parties to feel at ease.

¿What to do if the au pair doesn’t adapt to our family or vice versa?

We will find a solution for both you and the au pair as soon as possible, which will be to place her in a new family, and find a more adjusted profile for you, through new interviews at no additional cost.

Make sure that from the beginning, you clarify everything you expect from her with a weekly planning and open communication is maintained.

Diferencias entre una Au Pair y una interna.

Son dos perfiles completamente diferentes, pues ser Au Pair no es un trabajo estipulado y por lo tanto no es una actividad remunerada y regulada legalmente en España, se trata de una experiencia de intercambio cultural, es decir, tu familia se ampliará con una persona más que convivirá con vosotros de una manera amigable, contando con un dinero de bolsillo a modo de gratificación por las labores acordadas, mientras que una interna se rige por un contrato y un salario, con un horario y unas obligaciones y usualmente, no suele compartir los espacios ni los momentos familiares.


What happens if I get sick?

If you are part of the European Union, you have access to free public healthcare for with the European Health Card, otherwise you will have to take out private health insurance before your arrival in Spain.

The family will continue to pay you your weekly allowance and will offer you all the medication and care you need, just like any other family member.

What do I need to be an Au Pair since I am not a member of the European Economic Community?

A visa if your stay will be longer than 3 months, which you can request at the official language school, college or university where you enroll, in addition to private health insurance (usually between € 30 and € 50 per month).

Is it necessary to apply for the residence card to be an Au Pair?

If you are part of the European Economic Community, you can live here without it, but it would be irregular, not illegal, so we always advise you to request it. If you are not part of the European Economic Community, and your stay will exceed 3 months you will need one.

If you need more information on how to get residency or everything related to immigration, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues (, where you will have personalized and very professional advice for any questions or legal requirements.

  • Planning
    It is essential to explain to her, through a weekly planning, everything that is expected of her so that she has everything clear from the beginning..
  • Communication
    Open, fluent, sincere … especially at the beginning of the coexistence, where several doubts will arise since everything will be new for both parties.
  • Empathy
    Always so necessary and in these cases, essential to understand the situation of each party.
  • Respect
    The best example that your children will have.

  • For her and for you, it is also important to have moments of solitude to take stock of everything lived and enjoyed so far.
  • You want it to go well.
    It is the best energy, the healthiest and most positive.

Download it,Tips for an exceptional experience

Our Au Pairs are young girls of different nationalities (mostly from Europe), between 18 and 30 years old. In general, they are about to enter university or have finished their studies. Our au pairs are well educated and cultured girls that are looking to improve their spanish and experience living abroad.

The au pairs we work with, have been rigorously selected, and each one of them has been interviewed. They all have the required documentation, as listed below:
  • Application form;
  • Different photographs;
  • Photocopy of passport;
  • Photocopy of driving license;
  • Photocopy of health insurance;
  • Referrals related to the care of children or elderly people;
  • Certificate of penalties;
  • Photocopy of the certificates of the official studies carried out;
  • Different diplomas that certify extra knowledge (first aid, languages ​​…), which can be used in the family.
  • Cover letter for the family;

We offer 2 different types of Au Pair programs. One for a one year stay and another for a Summer Stay. Both for childcare and adult care.

For each program, Au Pairs have their own timetables and respective contributions.


Download it, Types of Au Pairs


Prices for Families

  • Flat rate
  • We work successfully generating the 1st invoice once you have found your ideal Au Pair