Seniors Care

The experience of coexistence between an Au Pair and an elderly person is incredible, because it is full of benefits for both parties.

Life changes, the world does not stop spinning and with it, our customs, ideas and ways of living … but what will never change is the importance of living with love and in good company in our health and state of mind. Therefore, the experience of coexistence between an Au Pair and an elderly person is incredible, because it is full of benefits for both parties.

Life in good company is more enjoyable, and not only because of the security that having someone you trust by your side provides, some things are just more enjoyable when you share them, should it be a lunch, a movie, a good conversation or a good walk …

It has been proven that people who live with others have a better quality of life, and it is that affection, tranquility and joy that is the best medicine for human beings.

Having the company of an Au Pair will help you with household duties, shopping, or cooking … always with the peace of mind of having a trusted person who only has your best interest at heart and is looking to give you all their help and maintain a good relationship with you as well as improving their Spanish and knowing our customs and places.

In these uncertain moments , COVID does not allow us to consider residences as the best alternative since the economy has slowed down.
To be able to enjoy living in your home, with your rules, with the support and company of a pleasant, young person, is the best alternative by far from any other, since the economic cost has nothing to do with hiring an intern or a nurse, and the experience is beneficial for both parties.

Do not forget that the treatment that should be given to an Au Pair is like the one that would be given to a daughter or granddaughter, it is a cultural exchange in which you receive company in exchange for your hospitality and pocket money.

Better, impossible.

Every day more Au Pairs are seeking to perfect their Spanish by having a unique experience in Marbella, in a family with elderly people; Sometimes it is made up of a wife, a widow or only a husband, and the majority are married couple, but in all cases, the functions and rights of the Au Pair are the same.


The main difference that you will find between being part of a family with children or and elderly people is tranquility. It is not the same to accompany and care for an elderly person, than for children. There are less obligations, as the elderly require less constant attention, you cannot leave a child alone for a minute, but an adult may need you to accompany them on their walks, when they read, watch TV … because mainly what they are looking for is quiet company, support and help in household chores.


You will be part of their family, like a daughter or granddaughter, but you will accompany them in their day to day life and give them all your care and attention, this being the best exchange there is, based on mutual respect, affection and empathy.


It is important that you always keep in mind that you will not be their nurse or have to do health care, (unless you have adequate training for it), because that role is for a professional who knows what medication or care to offer at all times.


Here are some of your daily responsibilities.


Enjoy this new experience very much because it is full of love, wisdom and good times.


Prices for Families

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