Having the right domestic worker for your family is the key to success, as they will be the one who will row on the path chosen by you, so preparing a good interview is essential to reach the desired port.

The objective of the interview is to choose the person who best suits the needs of your home, and the personal interview is the tool that will help you choose the ideal candidate.

It is important that you know what type of household staff you are looking for (nanny, intern, Au Pair …) and know if you want the help of a company, such as Marbella Family, or if all the selection processes will go through your hands , because before conducting the interview it is necessary to collect and compare certain information, which I will detail:

Empleada del hogar

1. Personnel selection: Searching for the perfect candidate is easy, if you are clear about the requirements you want them to have, such as they may have experience, certain languages, driver’s license and car…;

2. Review of references from their previous positions, which must be verified by calling all the telephone numbers delivered;

3. Initial interview with each candidate, reviewing their CV point by point, as well as asking the different questions that they tell us against which job profile we find ourselves;

To do this, at Marbella Family we rely on a table based on the experience and information requested by the different families.

Once we have all the data indicated above, we already know what professional profile we are in, so we have the 2nd part or interview, in which we proceed to analyze both the non-verbal communication of the interviewee, as well as her responses and silences, always following a script that guides the interview, along with the following tips:

a) It is important to carry out the interview in the house where you will work, in this way you will know the magnitude of your tasks and if you are trained to do so, thus avoiding future misunderstandings.

b) We begin the interview with open questions (such as “tell us about your hobbies”, “what do you like the most about your job” …), in this way the candidate will relax and avoid analyzing each answer she gives.

c) Looking at the non-verbal responses (their facial expression and their bodily reactions) is as important as being attentive to the responses they give us, since they are the most difficult to fake and the ones that can give us the most information.

d) Next, we will indicate to you what will be the functions that you will have in your job, indicating in detail those that you consider most important (such as the treatment they want from your children), or those that require a greater degree of demand (such as it may be the type of cuisine you want); As well as salary, rest and vacations.

e) Once we have reached this point, we will begin with the personal interview, which will be based on very specific questions that require closed answers, such as if you have courses or knowledge that you should know and that you can use in your day to day , if you take medication for a particular situation, where do you live and how would you get to your house…; The faster and more agile you ask the questions, the less time you will have to think about the answer, so it will be more honest.

Entrevista a empleada del hogar

f) We always advise having a list with all the questions that you want to ask, as well as the candidate’s CV.

g) It is important that the interview does not take too long, maximum 30 minutes, (5 minutes to show the part of the house that interests you to see, 10 minutes for open questions, 5 to explain the functions it would have and 10 minutes of personal interview).

h) Shortly before the farewell, introduce the children so that they get to know each other and you can see the reaction between both parties.

And of course and most important of all, listen to your intuition, it does not require scripts or advice and it will never fail you.

For any questions, call us, we offer the best for your family!